Herbalism is the use of plants, or parts of plants, that could include the leaves, flowers, seeds, berries, roots or bark for medicinal purposes. It is the oldest, most tested and proven form of medicine in the world. Ancient Egyptian and Chinese papyrus writings describe the medicinal uses of herbs over 5000 years ago, many of which are still in use for the same purposes. Indigenous cultures used herbs in their healing rituals, while others developed traditional medical systems in which herbal therapies were used. Similarly, the practice of herbalism in Ireland was widespread. In the 19th century pharmaceutical companies identified the active therapeutic principles of many plants, synthesised commercial analogues, and patented new drugs. However, herbalists believe that all the constituents of a plant work synergistically to stimulate the healing process. Herbalists treat the whole person and not just the disease, and strengthen the body and encourage it to heal itself. 

 Master Herbalism

The tradition of Master Herbalism is based on the teachings and life's work of the renowned America herbalist Dr. John R. Christopher. He suffered grave ill health as a child, but through his exploration of natural healing, diet and herbs he healed his condition fully. He subsequently went on to become famous for his incredible success in healing those with "incurable" conditions. Rooted in the physiomedical tradition Dr Christopher's treatments were holistic in nature. His philosophy was based on cleansing and nourishing of the body and mind. Given the proper conditions the body then has a chance to rebalance and heal itself. He also emphasised the importance of the mind-body connection, and the impact of thoughts and emotions on health.

 Nutritional Therapy and Natural Healing

Food is the most important variable in human health. As the saying goes "Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food"-Hippocrates. Vitalist and natural nutrition is based on eating plant-based food that is as close to it's natural state as possible. Advice will be available on food preparation, raw and vegan diets, juicing, sprouting and nutritional superfoods, with recipes, eating plans and ideas. Furthermore, natural healing protocols such as hydrotherapy and skin brushing are useful tools which may be deemed to be necessary in the treatment plan.