Herbal medicine: A detailed assessment will take into account the present complaint, information regarding tests and investigations, medical and surgical history, family history, medication and supplement details, dietary and lifestyle information, exercise and emotional well-being, plus iridology assessment. Based on one's needs an individual plan will be devised. This may include dietary changes, lifestyle adjustments, natural protocols, and a herbal formula may be prescribed. The initial consultation will take 60-90 minutes, cost €60. Any subsequent or follow-up consultation will take 30-45 minutes and cost €40. Herbal formula: could be a tincture, tea, or powder costing on average €10 to €15 a week, depending on a person's individual remedy.

Nutritional Therapy: A detailed medical, dietary, exercise and lifestyle assessment is taken. The individual's health concerns and objectives are discussed. An iridology assessment is also part of the consultation. This helps to determine which foods need to be avoided and which particular foods need to be included to achieve optimum health and vitality. When the information is assessed a personalised dietary plan is formulated.
Nutritional Assessment and Consultation- First Consultation: €60. Follow-up appointments: €40. 

Iridology: During the consultation photographs of the iris are taken and projected onto a computer screen to be  examined. The results are then discussed. The greatest strength of iridology is as a preventative tool. By identifying underlying imbalances, appropriate preventative treatment can then be taken. An iridology consultation takes 30-40 minutes and costs €50.